Product Uses

Starbucks Invests Heavily In Drive-Thru Market(This website is for marketing purposes only. Lid is not or sale from this website.)

Though the Coffee Stir Lid has many potential uses, the number 1 situation in which it can be applied is a drive thru situation for coffee. Many times you pick up your coffee from a drive through window and have to remove the lid to add and stir the condiments. This solves that problem. It has a hatch on the top where you can add the condiments, close the hatch then simply stir to your hearts content. This use would be a disposable plastic lid.

Even if the restaurant of your choice adds the condiments, rarely is it stirred properly. You have to remove the lid and stir it and this can be dangerous while driving. You could crash your car or spill the hot coffee and burn yourself. See Product On Google Patents Now


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