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Prototype 2A Completed

The latest prototype of our patented coffee lid with built-in stirring capabilities has been completed. The prototyping process is long and arduous but will prove to be worth it when we have a fully functioning, tightly made spinning coffee lid.

We are very near having the final version ready to be mass produced and distributed. 2020 will definitely be the year that the Spun coffee lid makes it’s splash.

Our Patented Lid Enters Finals Prototyping Phase

new one of a kind coffee cup lidThe new disposable coffee cup lid design that allows on-the-go users to stir their coffee has entered into its final prototyping phase.

Initial prototype design was started last year and completed. Since then we have conducted some testing and tweaking that has allowed for us to reach final specifications for the lid.

Currently funds are being raised (second round funding) for the final prototyping phase. The company which is perfecting the prototype has quoted the price and we are moving forward this month. We anticipate the final prototype to be completed this summer.

We wish to share this project with aspiring and adventurous investors. Fund raising will last through the month of June.

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